Adair Lara and "Who's Cheap?".

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Adair Lara writes, Who's Cheap? This story is about a young woman who has a boyfriend who is as cheap as dirt. He never offers to pay for anything whenever they go out. And when he does pay for anything, he makes sure she takes care of the next tab. She doesn't know if she should get rid of him or try and work things out. Maybe he might change. She knows most people would say "why you are with a man who never doses anything for you." She knows the woman who chants that saying is the ones who usually don't even have a man. The young woman's mother always told her that women should never have to pay for anything especially if it is on a date and that the only thing that she should have to offer is her beauty. The young woman thought to herself "why should women today have to go by the old rules of men always having to take care of the bill, She new that her mother's rules that men should get the check, but times have changed and it is time for women to put out their funds.

At the same time working out the situation and meeting each other half way is also away of getting paid.

I really enjoyed this story, it was funny and it made me think about all the times I had the idea that all men should pay no matter what. After reading this story I have changed my whole concept that men owe all women. The creative devices Ms. Lara uses in this story are the ones to pick at a woman's brain to make her think; should we forget about how men should treat us? I think the point of this story...