"Adam and Eve"

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In this ingenious account written by Mark Twain, the theme throughout the story is the relationship between men and women. It shows that every man and every woman has the typical features of their own sex. They have both needed one another from the beginning of time, and the chemistry between the two of them is what truly put the world into a forward motion.

Since the account is told from the point of view of Adam, it seems like Eve only has bad qualities. She annoys Adam by naming everything, putting up signs and always crowding him. Eve believes that she is always right and this upsets Adam. She also becomes afraid when Adam goes over the falls. Adam does not like that he now has to deal with the inconveniences that Eve creates. Eve also has many good qualities that she introduces to Adam. Adam at first cannot comprehend many of the ideas that Eve introduces to him.

The main idea is that Eve introduces is that humans are not the only beings in the world and other creatures must be cared for as well. These are some of the examples from the story, which are characteristics that most women have.

Adam is resentful to learn things from Eve, and even tries to run away from her. However, the two times he tried to escape, she tracked him down. Then, Eve eats from the forbidden tree and completely changes the world as Adam knew it. Death becomes apart of the world and now nothing will be given to Adam and Eve. They will have to figure everything out for themselves, and do everything themselves. At this point the two beings realize that they need each other, and the world as it is known today begins.