Addictions to sex and drugs, video games and computers (internet).

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There are many addiction's that are controlling people today. Addictions can range from drugs and sex to computers and video games. There are many different forms of addictions that are trapping our society. Drugs and sex are very harmful addictions because they can harm people in many physical and mental ways. Computers and video games are also very harmful addictions because they can halt people from socializing and interacting with others. These addictions are very serious and need more consideration and assistance in correcting this problem.

Sex and drugs can interfere with many daily routines that people without an addiction can manage. Their ability to think logically and function normally in society will be altered drastically. The people with addictions have no self control and will lie and steal until their cravings are suppressed. Sex addictions can hold people back from progressing in society because when interacting with others they can only think of sex.

Therefore, there conversations and actions will be perverse in some form. Drug addictions can seriously affect a persons ability to function physically. This addiction can cause people to shake uncontrollably, have a rapid heart beat and lose self control. These addictions are very physical, but there are also mental side affects, such as, nervousness and lack of concentration.

Marie Winn says "Not unlike drugs and alcohol, the television experience allows the participant to blot out the real world and enter into a pleasurable and passive mental state." Winn is saying that television and computer addictions are controlled when the person who is addicted is satisfying their cravings. The addiction is seen as a means of control, yet the addiction needs to be controlled and need not control the person with the addiction. When a person is addicted to television it alters their ability to think...