Addressing International Legal and Ethical Issues

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Team D


To: Cad Mex Pharma's

From: D-Associates

CC: Ken Rhymes, J.D.

Date: 6/3/2009

Re: Potential Conflicts between Cad Mex Pharma's Legal Rights and Ethical duties.

International Contracts

Examining different ethical and legal rights of another country should be approached very cautiously. Many differences in culture's, ethics and litigation around the world that being aware of dictates your tone and dress is very important when it comes to gender and hierarchy. Offensive gestures, speech and position could mean that individuals give the impression of being disrespectful. In preparing for an International Trade with other Counties, conflict can and will arise during the time frame of negotiating terms and condition. In preparing such documents as an international trade contract, a balance must be presented with an understanding of the purpose. This thought out plan must be extremely clear on what the goal is and who will be involved.

According to Cad Mex Pharma's history, the company has strived to develop a "cost-effective health care product" (Addressing International Legal and Ethical Issues, 2004).

The company's experience in international businesses has allowed over 127 global alliances. This also includes five research centers within the United States and Europe.

While preparing this international contract, make an allowance for the company having limited experience in global marketing. For example, their goals include "expanding to global markets and through strategic manufacturing and marketing alliances" (Addressing International Legal and Ethical Issues, 2004). All international business transactions must be approved by the government of Candore. Consider these factors as reinforcement of potential conflict between Cad Mex Pharma's companies.

In preparing how the law will be dictated in the event the contract is not binding. The company has two choices of law to abide by. One is the Candorean Regulations for Technology Import Contract (CRTIC) and Secondly the...