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Paper #1


Adi Dassler, a shoemaker from the village of Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, created the very first Adidas sports shoe in 1920. From humble beginnings the Adidas Corporation has expanded into a global company synonymous with team world sport. Many of the fundamental principles upon which the first shoes were built, remain firmly rooted in the company philosophy of today.

Dassler was an athlete as well as a shoemaker and applied his knowledge and skills to producing products for athletes that helped improve performance at the highest level.

Dassler's efforts in the service of sport earned him more than 700 patents and other industrial property rights, many of them for revolutionary new products.

The company was, and remains today, committed to reacting to athletes' requirements and using their experiences to develop ever better performance footwear and clothing.

The phrase listen, test, modify which was first used by Dassler himself, remains the key to the company's research and development operation.

Technical innovations over the years include the world's first football boot with screw-in studs, spiked track and field shoes and the present day development of ClimaCool, a shoe that allows ventilation of the feet. Since Adidas equipped the first athletes at the Olympic Games in Amsterdam in 1928, over 800 world records and medals have been won by athletes using Adidas footwear and apparel at Olympic Games and World Championships.

Since the introduction of Dassler's first sports shoe in the 1920s, the Adidas brand has expanded to such an extent that products are now available for almost every sport.

Adidas designs both its apparel and footwear ranges with athletes needs today in mind. Design concepts begin with the athlete and as a result, top competitors past and present, confirm that Adidas equipment always...