Adolescent Depression

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Literature ReviewDepression in adulthood may be caused by many factors, which range from drug abuse to poor upbringing in early childhood. Adolescents brought up by a single parent are at a high risk of being depressed once they grow up due to the perception that, they deserve nothing better than what their parents had to offer them during this stage. To determine whether this is true, two sample data will be collected and analyzed and a report will be written based on this.

According to DeLucia-Waack, J (2007), a unified family plays an important role in human civilization. To her, the family is irreplaceable in the roles it plays in health matters, development and well being of adolescents, adults and the entire society. The family is a cohesive force that brings together unique characters which enables a human person to grow up with certainty. To DeLucia-Waack, a family that has one single parent cannot be termed as a full family since the future course of the family depends entirely on the up bringing of adolescents whom they receive from both parents.

Lutz et al. (2007) argues that, how a child is brought up determines what he/she will become as an adult. According to him, a family with all members present is the first and the foremost school in one's life which is well suited to teach adolescents all about integrity, character, morals as well as responsibility and wisdom. To him, a child learns from both parents a lot than when the parent is single. This sums up the need for two parents so that a child can have a bright future; a future with no depressions and other related issues.

On his part, Liu, Y. (2006) says that, interaction in one's adult life depends on whether he/she had good level...