Adolescent Psychology During The High School Years (Information based on Pruitt, David B. "Your Adolescent")

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I chose the subject of adolescent psychology during high school years for my final project for Medical Careers/Human Development class, because I currently am an adolescent going through high school and am curious on how different aspects of a teenager's life molds his brain psychologically.

When first entering into high school, adolescents enter into a new world. Their bodies and minds develop physically, mentally, and morally. They gain a new level of independence, preparing them for life outside of their parent's house. High school is a place where they can take this independence and start creating the foundation to their life. Teenagers find friends with similar viewpoints and begin preferring to be with them rather than their parents. Parents still influence their teenager's life, though not as direct, through punishments and pressure to succeed. The desire to experiment with alcohol and drugs enters into most adolescents lives along with sex.

It can be very interesting and exciting at times, yet it can also be nerve-racking and scary.

When first entering into high school, adolescents go through the trouble of escaping their parents' grasps and entering into young adulthood. Parents are scared of this because they feel that their teenager's mistakes and wrong decisions will have much greater consequences than in the years before.

Before high school, boys and girls all varied in shapes and sizes. Some girls had developed breasts while others were still nervous to buy a training bra. Both sexes in earlier years varied greatly in height and weight. High school levels out this developmental competition. During the high school years, the teenage body slowly gains similar characteristics of adulthood.

Their sleeping and eating habits change as a result of this growth, and high school's intense lifestyle. Teenagers need to eat healthy and nutritious so that their bodies...