Advantages and disadvantages of different methods of training in businesses

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For an person to become a chef at "Fortuna" (the restaurant), these would be the main skills would need: learn how to clean the kitchen, learn how to cook all the 150 meals on the menu, take care of any customer complaints and work with a group of 4 other chefs. Here the manager wants the new chef to be flexible, as he will have to do a variety of jobs, the employee will have to achieve this skill of multi-skilling through the different types of training mentioned below.

When the chef is going to be taught how to clean it will be done through induction. He will be called into the restaurant and will be taught by another member of staff how to clean the kitchen and all its utensils. It is very important that he is taught how to clean on the job, so he knows how much mess he will be dealing with and the best techniques.

If he was to learn how to clean off site, then he would have to listen to someone talk or read a book, so he will miss out on the practice.

To learn how to cook the 150 meals that are served at the restaurant the chef will have to undergo a mixture of on the job and off the job training. At the restaurant the head chef will teach him how to use the different utensils and how to make the actual dishes, which gives the new chef some experience, and also means that he will be producing something so the restaurant will also benefit. However it is unlikely that he will be able to go into a lot of detail, so he will be taken off site where he will learn more about the different types of food,