Adventure Travel Marketing Plan

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Adventure Travel Marketing Plan

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Tactical Marketing Plan

Organizational Overview


Mission Statement

Our reason for being: Build the best product, do no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis" (Patagonia, n.d.).

Patagonia is the premier company for providing high quality clothing and gear for outdoor activities such as alpine climbing, surfing, biking, fly-fishing, and kayaking. Patagonia was the first outdoor-oriented company to incorporate environmentally conscious decisions in its product lines and company operations. Products run the gamut from parkas worthy of Mount Everest expeditions, shoes for trail running in the local park, to casual sportswear. Patagonia products are generally more expensive than mainstream competitors such Timberland because of the company's untraditional method of manufacturing to be environmentally responsible. The consistent product quality and long lasting merchandise has built a large core of followers amongst outdoor enthusiasts despite the cost difference.

Patagonia's commitment to the environment permeates through all levels of the organization including its buildings and offices. Patagonia's U.S. distribution center is one of only 171 buildings in the country, and only the 2nd distribution center, to earn an award from the U.S Green Building Council.

Patagonia began as the brainchild of Yvon Chouinard who formed the company in 1965 with the creation of Chouinard Equipment, Ltd. At its inception, the company sold one product: iron pitons for rock climbing. By 1970, the company was the largest supplier of mountaineering hardware in the U.S. In early 1970s, Patagonia made a major decision based on environmental concerns and ceased production of the iron pitons that were left in the mountain walls, never to be used again. In their place, aluminum wedges that could be...