Advertising and how it has affected society.

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Fred D'Amico

Topic: How advertisers influence their consumers.

Take a look around. Notice anything? If you didn't, it is because you are so used to looking at it everyday that you become immune to it. What is this "It"? ADVERTISING.

Advertising is all around us. On TV, magazines, newspapers, internet, billboards, the radio, and even on vehicles. Why do these advertisers show their product so frequently? What are they trying to do? How do they accomplish what they are trying to sell? Who are they trying to sell to? What are some of the techniques they use? These are the questions you have to ask yourself.

First of all, when trying to sell a product, advertisers have to figure out the location of where the product will be most popular, the age and gender of the population they are trying to sell to and how often those people are going to use that product.

For a woman some of the most popular selling items are beauty products such as hair and make-up products. But, when in a store and trying to decide which product is more efficient, it isn't always easy. There are brands in make up such as Max Factor, Maybaline, Jane, Wet N' Wild, Covergirl and Almay to name a few. How does a woman go about picking a certain product? Well, price is a big influencer, but, she can either choose the product based on past usages, prefers a product she has heard about from other people or buys the product from seeing an advertisement in a magazine, or on TV. Hair products are in a completely different ball park. There are shampoos and conditioners for curly hair, straight hair, wavy hair, dry-damaged hair, oily hair, products to make hair straight, add volume, and not to...