What advice would you give an actress playing Juliet regarding her vocal delivery in her "Ah me. What news..." speech?

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An actress playing Juliet would have to think very carefully about her characters 'before time', her through line of action, the developing pace of the scene and of course her vocal delivery.

Before this scene has happened, she has married Romeo and is now blissfully happy in the knowledge that the nurse is bringing her to him. This should be evident in the voice, facial expressions and movements used, in anticipation of the nurse's arrival.

The developing pace of the scene should be constantly changing with the changing of each unit of action. For example a key change in pace and mood should be line 65 " is Romeo slaughter'd, and is Tybalt dead?" where the dialogue from Juliet should have been fast, staccato, frantic, weepy and wavering and now it has changed to slower and more precise because she is in shock and disbelief which is affecting her speech.

The developing pace due to the units of actions changing, also creates a great sense of tension and dramatic irony within the audience, as they are desperate to see Juliet's reaction the truth after all the confusion and anxiety.

Juliet's first line needs to have a great impact on the audience and make them immediately sympathise with Juliet as the see her initial excitement at what they know will bring her utter despair as soon as the nurse tells her. Juliet's pitch should be high with excitement, her pace fast and energetic from the anticipation, her tone should be that of extreme excitement, her volume should be normal and her excitement is evident through the pitch and tone of her voice, and there should be stress put on the word 'news' to show that is what she has been building up to. "-why dost thou wring thy...