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Barkley Justine Barkley May 7, 2014 College EnglishAdvice to YouthAdvice to Youth "The words printed here are concepts. You must go through the experiences." (Augustine) Throughout life people are constantly giving you information, tips, and tricks to get by. Right now as high school students, advice is being thrown at you from left and right. Advice is a great thing if you use it right. You have to be able to understand advice given to you along with putting your own twist on it, to make it something you agree with and will follow. Most of the time advice is being given to you by someone you would probably consider old, or someone who does not know anything about being a teenager in this day and age. Well, I am still a teenager, well if you want to be technical, I am an adult, but I don't know anything about the adult life yet, and I believe I have learned some valuable advice throughout my eighteen years of life.

Now that I am a senior, I am looking back on many things that I did or did not do earlier in my school career. The main thing I believe I took advantage of was my youth and my style. When you are a teenager you can do anything you want with yourself, and for the most part you will just get a few funny looks from people or a compliment or two. Well, take full advantage of that combination and do more crazy things with your hair. Have you ever secretly wanted to dye all of your hair bright pink? Well, do it. You are a teenager and for the most part you have no responsibilities for looking "ordinary" because you don't have to look professional to get...