The Aeneid

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The Aeneid

The Aeneid is an epic poem and one of the greatest works of the Western literature. Some of the characters have internal conflicts that seem to be harder to see. Aeneas, the son of Anchises and Venus (goddess of love and sex), is a survivor of the Trojan War. He has been chosen by the Gods to lead the Trojan's to Italy, which is where he will be the founder of Rome culture. Early one summer Aeneas' ship washed up on the shore of Carthage. Aeneas meets Dido, and this would be an event that would affect Dido, the Queen of Carthage, for the rest of her life. A love affair starts between Aeneas and Queen Dido. Both of them seem to struggle with an internal conflict between duty and passion. Along the way the Trojan people started wondering if Aeneas had no concern of the welfare of his Trojan people, his dedication and responsibility was his duty to the Republic and his obedience to Caesar.

Aeneas seems to struggle with his duty as a warrior, and his immediate happiness and Queen Dido seems to struggle with guilt, the lack of confidence from her people, and tragedy.

After the Trojan War, all Trojan's that survived the war and Aeneas, who seems to be determined to find a new place for his people to live, loaded up on ships and set sail for a long trip to find Italy. Neptune, God of the sea, made it very rough for the ships to sail. The Trojan people started worrying if they were going to be ok and Aeneas assured this by saying "Dismiss you grief and fear. A joy will be one day, perhaps, to remember even this. Through so many hard straits, so many twist and turns our...