Affecting Change - The paper talkes about the necessary changes that a company sometimes needs to go through in order to grow

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Affecting Change

Daniel Bonilla

University of Phoenix



Affecting Change

There is a famous saying that would be mentioned sporadically during college and then more frequently when joining the corporate world; and that saying is "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail." A very simplistic view of a self control measure that reverberates in every aspect of a person's daily life. The reason being that, as a student and later a business person, there are places to go, grades to make, goals to meet. In an environment like this one, a set guideline, or procedure has to be implemented in order to increase the chance for success, whether it's a good grade, a deadline, a quota, or personal goal. A company is no different than an individual when it comes to pursuing an end goal, or an end result.

Therefore, the implementations of certain procedures, policies, and restrictions that will help ensure the success and completion of that end result or goal becomes necessary to the very survival of the company or organization.

New forms of organizations for example, self-managed teams, self-organizing organizations, and network organizations let organizations be more responsive and flexible in today's fast changing world. These structured organizations allow empowerment among associates and lower level employees, more than the hierarchical and rigid structured companies of the past. As the nature of organizations changes, so does the nature of management control. Employees go far as claiming that upper management should not implement any form of control at all. Management should only exist to make sure employee's efforts are fully supported in route to becoming productive members of the organizations and communities alike. ,further stating that any form of control is counterproductive to both...