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A big discussion concerning our generation consists of its quality. Every generation has had certain labels put on it. There can be no doubt that at some point and time the older establishment has looked at up-and-coming generations and decided the qualities that made the norm successful were not present in the new group.

It is ironic that in a country whose youth are deemed as "slackers" there is an institution that does not exist on the basis of quality. Rather, it is based on a principle that uses other traits as a means to select employees and leaders.

Affirmative action, a system that has been heavily debated, contradicts several of the characteristics our society is known for.

We are not all created equally. Elitism is a factor that has had great importance in all our lives because it determines who will do what. However, elitism does not work merely within the realms of government and corporate executive boards.

Elitism rules many other important areas of society, such as the manual trades.

We are governed by our abilities. Just as some have the characteristic of leadership others have the gift of working with their hands. Intelligence is a relative thing.

We are being sent a mixed message. A belief that was taught to many of us while growing up is contradicted by affirmative action -- as it judges not what a person works for, but who they are.

To be sure, ethnicity and sex play a great role in an individual's life -- these two factors alone often make up a certain role or stereotype. It may seem that affirmative action abolishes this factor, but it does not. Statistics show that, although a company may hire many minorities, it will most likely give higher positions to those who received them...