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If I were a kid in Afghanistan today I would try and go to the movies. I would care what movie I saw as long as I could go. After that I would go home and tell jokes so all the women would laugh, and they wouldn't get beat for it either. I would then go out and shout "THANK YOU AMERICA" because they helped us. The cam and fought the taliban and now the taliban is running, they are not hiding Osama Bin Laden anymore. Then I would help around the house and clean. Then I would get my friends and play soccer. We would play the rest of the day. It would be fun with out the taliban around.

There is no one to boss you around or to beat the women if they laughed or made a noise. After that I would go to school and learn.

I would greet the women teachers. Now I can learn. I would try to learn as much as I canto do the best and make lots of money so my family wouldn't have to worry about it. I would try to talk my family into immigrating to America. That's where we would be free. I would then listen to the radio for hours. It would say hoe Osama Bin Laden is running and stuff like that. That is what I would want to do.

I would like to have a king back and nothing like the Taliban or the Northern Alliance. If we got a king back it would be different.

Now I'm really doing something. I'm playing soccer. It's real fun. I don't have to worry about someone coming and stopping us. They used to use the field to execute people now we are playing on it. Free from violence, now I am at the movies and we are seeing an action packed movie with Jet Li. It is so cool.

Life was hard not being able to do anything. It was boring. We were starving, we had no food or water. Since America helped it all got better.

That is what I would do if I was a kid in Afghanistan