African countries, in other words ‘Third World’ countries are usually

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African countries, in other words ?Third World? countries are usually considered less important than the other countries on the Earth. Main reason for this situation is the lack of industrialization in the African countries and their position in the world. One of these undeveloped third world countries, Nigeria; which is churned because of the regional conflicts between tribes; is an important country because of its wealhty natural oil resources. These oil resources allow Nigeria to become a industrial country. Turkey, on the other, is an European country. It is very important for Turkey to become a industrialized country, as well. Although, both countries try to become one of the developed countries in the world, there are differences between the developments of these countries. While Turkey is on the way of becoming a developed country in both industrially and socially, Nigeria does not have the enough opportunities in order to develop as an industirial country.

First reason that obstract the devolopment of Nigeria is the Civil War among the Nigerian tribes. Three dominant groups of Nigeria ?Ibo, Yoruba and Hausa/Fulani- are responsible for the Civil War in Nigeria. As Ken Saro-Wiwa; who is a well-known Nigerian novelist, journalist and businessman; mentioned in his book, On a Darkling Plain, the competition between these three major ethnic groups of Nigeria has threaten to destroy the Nigeria since these dominant groups brought the country in to the Civil War which occured because of the wealthy oil resources of eastern Nigeria (Fiofori, 1991). Nigeria's economy is heavily dependent on the oil sector, which accounts for nearly 80% of government revenues, 90-95% of export revenues, and over 90% of foreign exchange earnings. Due to the oil resources are the most important economic and industrial revenue for the Nigeria, the Civil War on the oil resources make the ?big impact? on the Nigerian industrial development. Other reasons that impede the industrial development of Nigeria are including poor investment phase preparation, lack of adequate techno managerial skills for investments production and maintance, misuses of monopoly powers, poor capitilization resulting in inaduqate working capital and defective capital structures resulting in heavy dependence on government for operation. As it is Mentioned in the article of ? Industrial conflicts in Nigeria and th information factor? (Uhegbu, Nwokocha; 1998) the lack of information flow in Nigeria is form another obstacle for Nigerian industry. However, after the election of President Olusegun Obasanjo's administration in 1999, Nigeria started to make new economic reforms on the way of becoming a industrial country. Reforms are mostly including the privatization of parastatals and the phasing out of subsides. In addition, the administration of Obasanjo have a great importance on the oil reserves and have plans to use these resources more effectively.

Turkey, on the other hand, has the opportunities for industrialization. Although, Turkish economy had big and important crises in the past, enterprises of big companies like, Sabanci and Koç, in industry have given an acceleration to the industrial development of Turkey for many years. Establishments of the private companies in Turkey is the cause of the big gap between industry of both countries.Likewise, the use of the natural resources in industry has a big effect on industrial development of Turkey. Bore mineral which is as important as the oil in Nigeria, provides new industrial establishments that are related to bore mineral in Turkey. In addition, the productive use of capital and man power separate Turkish industry from Nigerian industry, as well.

Second reason that effects the development of both countries is the geopolitic position. As an African country Nigeria does not have enough chances to make important relationships with other countries, especially with western countries. The lack of contacts with western world slows down the industrial development of Nigeria. The big companies of western world and far east see whole Africa as a dark continent, not only because of the skin of people, but also the geopolitic position of Africa and the wars among the African tribes. As a result, there are little private establishments and enterprises in Nigeria which are not aduquate for a rapid industrial development. However, the geopolitic position of Turkey is the best opportunity that the Turkish government has. Turkey forms a bridge between to continents, Asia and Europe which have two different ethnic and industrial structure. This geopolitic position provides Turkey chances of having relationships with countries from both continents.As a result of this situation Turkey has the support from western countries, especially from U.S.A.. The countries are making private establishments and enterprises in Turkey with the association of Turkish companies in order to use the geopolitic position of Turkey. For example, the new establishments of automotive industry is an evidence for this situation. ToyotaSA, which is a associated enterprise of Sabanci Company and Toyota, is the one of the most important automotive industrial company in Turkey.

In conclusion, Nigeria?s geopolitic position and the internal problems that the Nigerian people have to face obstract the industrial development of the Nigeria. Although Nigeria has many difficulties on the way of become a indutrialized country, it will be able to reach to the positon of Tukey by solving the internal problems like misuse of powers, misuse of capital and the debts from other countries. Besides this, the Nigerian government should try to improve their relationships with other countries, especially with the western countries and should give them the confidence in order to make private establishments and esterprises in Nigeria. The Nigerian government also give importance to the oil industry which is the most important revenue for Nigeria and establish new industries that depend on oil and its sub-products. Consequently, if the Nigerian government is able to handle all of this important issues, there will be no obstacles, which prevent Nigeria on the way of becoming a industrialized country, in front of Nigeria. However, if the Nigerian government cannot solve the problems that Nigeria is dealing with, the darker days waiting for the Nigerian people in the future. Morever, the threats on destroying the country may increase and Nigeria may find itself in a more detrimental economic position.