Aging: a Natural Process

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Nature constantly changes with the pass of time. Millions of years ago, lands are completely different with today and human beings are even not existed in the earth. However, many natural phenomena are recurrent. One of the wonderful things about nature is the variety of the seasons. Spring begins the cycle and the weather gets hotter as the days pass into summer. Gradually, the days grows shorter and cold weather reigns over the world eventually. The phenomena of four seasons can be also applied to humans' lives. Humans are born as babies and grow up into adults, then raise their own children. After their children grow up, they become old and die eventually. This process vividly shows a cycle of birth, death and rebirth during the whole human lifetime. Therefore, aging is a natural process and human beings should not disturb the balance of nature. This underlying theme is clearly shown in E.B. White's essays "Once more to the lake" "The Ring of Time" and "On a Florida Key".

Essay "Once more to the lake" is about generation, birth, death and rebirth. White is reminded of his own childhood vacation to the lake during a return trip with his son. Revisiting the lake and watching his son perform the same activities he once did leads to a series of memories he holds with his father. White uses literary technique "imagery" to illustrate how he struggles to find himself. He states, "I began to sustain the illusion that he was I, and therefore, by simple transposition, that I was my father" (75). This struggle vividly shows that White who is a middle age man imagines going back into his childhood. In addition, the essay mentions how the lake has changed, how the once gravel roads have...