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Agribank is the largest bank in Viet Nam in terms of capital, assets, workforce, operating network and customer base. As of December 2013, the leading role of Agribank has been confirmed by:

Total asset: VND 705,365 billion

Total fund resource: VND 626,390 billion

Equity: VND 29,605 billion

Total outstanding loans: VND 530,600 billion

Operating network: 2,300 branches and transaction offices nationwide

Personnel: 40,000 staffs

Found in 26th March 1988, Agribank is a state owned organization operating under the Law on Vietnam's Credit Organizations. After more than 20 years of operation, it has now become the largest bank in Vietnam. One of Agribank's key successes is the giant operational network of 2,271 branches that no other banks have. With this network, its advantage is the ability to provide services anywhere customers want. However, the situation is changing differently in the recent years; especially when Vietnam joined WTO in 2006; there are more international banks entering the country and fostering a lot of competitions.

Timely, quality, efficiency has become the most important factors concerned by the customers. However, due to some management deficiency, the knowledge is not sharing effectively among the employees which cause Agribank many problems in providing adequate, accurate and timely information to the customers.

Since Agribank has a very large system with many branches, it's very difficult to review the whole system, so in this research we will focus on analyzing Cau Giay branch. In Agribank Cau Giay, the front-line service is not performing very well; this problem cause by the lack of communication among employees in different departments. For instance: a client needs to know about a new product such as mobile banking, the teller can not explain it clearly because he lack of coordination with the product & service department, thus it...