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I always feel that one needs to know where one is going in life so that when one reaches the place he can move beyond the horizon set for him. That is why it is essential for every person to have some aim in life. This aim gives people the strength to face obstacles and move the barriers in path to success.

Almost every successful human being in history had a dream, which became the driving force that took them to the pinnacle of success. The aims of these people were to make the dream a reality. Henry Ford' s aim was to make the motor car within the reach of the common people and today Ford is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the whole world. In Bangladesh, Dr. Yunus's aim to bring credit facility to the poorest people in the country saw the birth of now world famous Grameen Bank I also have an aim in life.

My aim is to own a business organization that-opens up opportunities to young people of the country. Helping them to get established in their own ventures with the right support by training them, helping them obtain capital and any other support they may need. I will try to encourage people to become entrepreneurs and such an organization will go a long way in encouraging people to take up the path of business.

To fulfill my aim I want to get a degree in business administration as I feel this will equip me with the right attitude and knowledge. Then I intend to work in different reputed organizations to orient myself with the structure and workings of companies.

I feel that, with the right education and work experience along with the right type of network. I will one day be...