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Air Pollution Control: Reducing Vehicle Emissions in Urban Cities

Hala Al-rifai


ENGL 203

Section: 119

Dr. Mark Crane

June 9, 2014

Qatar University

Air Pollution Control: Reducing Vehicle Emissions in Urban Cities

Transport is an area where air pollution keeps growing and affecting the life on this planet. Most people who rely on motor vehicles as their major means of transport do not take into account of the harmful effects that transport-related air pollution has on their health and life spans. Motor transport emissions contain carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons and other toxic chemicals that are known to damage lung tissues and cause respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Most of the solutions that have been proposed regarding transport-related air pollution are mainly focused on minimizing the total vehicle pollutants and carbon dioxide emissions that trap heat and cause climate change.

The three major approaches through which vehicle emissions can be reduced include: technical measures, public transport improvements, and urban road planning.

The ever increasing levels of transport-related air pollution due to the population density in urban areas has compelled the scientists and the researchers to develop technical requirements that help reduce the amount of pollutants discharged from motor vehicles. These technical approaches involve the use of alternative, or clean, fuels or power sources instead of petrol. A study conducted by Faiz, Weaver and Walsh (1996) addresses the positive impacts that different types of alternative fuels have on the reduction of emissions when used in dedicated engines, noting that natural gas and LPG, liquefied petroleum gas, have provided the greatest emission benefits compared to other clean fuels. Accordingly, natural gas and LPG are economical and have similar benefits in reducing carbon emissions, since both contain lower carbon contents than conventional fossil...