How airplane travel was invented

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Juan Trippe Flying Higher Than The Rest

Juan Trippe is not a well know figure as he probably should be for creating airplane travel. Tripp created it affordable to the average person and created the first airline industry. Juan Trippe's fractionation with planes all started at the Curtiss Flying School in Miami. That same year Juan left there to become a navy bomber. Trippe never saw any action and returned to Yale. To start the first aviation club, after college Trippe tried to work on Wall Street. But he soon realized his true calling was with planes. He opened the first airline in 1927, which was named Pan American Airways. Thanks to the help of some rich friends. Juan changed his name to Terry trying to be more slick but learned that Juan wasn't so bad after all. Trippe always had new and exciting planes like to have over sea routes.

Trippe had started to become a popular name and he made friends with the biggest name in aviation Charles Lindbergh. Charles became an employee at Pan American. In the 1930's the two friends mapped out new rotes for travel. In 1934 Trippe made an announcement that pan air is going to fly thought the pacific a daring task no one had thought of because of no places to land to fuel up. Trippe with backing of president Roosevelt built a ship with tons of building material to set up a docking and mini airport on an island. Trippe had another problem to deal with the planes were burning too much fuel and somebody needed to make bigger planes. He pinned Boeing and Douglas on each other to build the Boeing 707, which filled more seats with better gas mileage. By the 1960's airport were booming and needed...