Alaska: Economic Social and Political

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Social-As the new ice hotel open for business, the usually forgotten state of Alaska found itself in the spotlight. This huge ice sculpture is the cause of all this publicity. Many families come to gawk at this enormous igloo. Although some people like to try living on the wild side and paid fora two-night three-day stay in this hotel. This is a vacation spot where you cant lay out on the beach or play in the snow, this is the only place in the world where you can live inside a complete ice hotel. A southern California woman said, "I and that product of that incident 41 years ago plan to sleep in the ice hotel no matter what-- if it collapses on us, so be it. Beats dying a quiet, boring death in a nursing home. Many young and old daredevils are testing their luck by sleeping a hotel made completely made of ice.

Political-The construction of this ice hotel was the result of a political issue with the Alaska State Fire Marshal's Office. One of those political issues were inadequate fire protection. "The experts convinced the fire marshal," that it was safe for guests ti stay inside the Aurora Ice Hotel this winter, says Brenda Hewitt, a spokeswoman for Chena How Springs Resort. "We will work with the University on Alaska's Schools on engineering to come up with monitoring methods to assure all the concerned about the safety of the building The engineering students will be invited to study it and learn from it." Many people, including the fire marshal, agree that this building is safe and a great adventure for all.

Economic-The Aurora Ice Hotel doesn't come cheap. The average cost to live in a room for two nights and three days is $878. Many people just...