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For my category of choice 1 I researched Albert Einstein. I didn't know that much about him when I started. To tell you the truth I didn't know Albert Einstein was German. I did know he was a famous mathematician.If found most of the information on Albert Einstein on the internet and a little bit in a book about Albert Einstein.

My questions for category of choice 1 were as follows. What school grades did he get and was he a good student. My second question was did he have a smart family. The third question was did he have any famous quotes . For my last question I wrote did he have any followers.

For my first answer I found out the he did not get the best grades in school and he was a poor student. He was especially bad in math which came as a shock to me being as he was famous for his work in math.

The answer to the second question was he none of his family members were that smart, the are all average like you and me. E=Mc square was his most famous quotes and the answer to my third question. I could not find any other quotes because the was his most famous.