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Alcoholism is a very big problem worldwide. Alcoholism affects families, friends and relatives. Many children live in households with at least one alcoholic parent. Many people have either married or have a blood related relative who is an alcoholic. One in ten women drink while pregnant. One third of alcoholic deaths are from suicide or accidental such as drowning or head injuries from falling. Drunk driving is a major problem with alcoholics. Alcohol kills.

Serious Problem

One in every thirteen adults abuse alcohol and are alcoholics. Nearly half of all Americans report that one or more of their close relatives have a drinking problem. An alcoholic has a strong craving and cannot limit himself to one drink. The crave for alcohol is so strong. The person craves alcohol such as if it were food or water. Drinking alcohol increases the risk of automobile accidents and death. Suicide is more likely with alcoholism.

One in four youngsters aged ten to eighteen are at serious risk of becoming involved in abuse of alcohol. Children of alcoholics are three to four times more likely to develop alcohol problems then the children of non-alcoholics. As many as three million americans over the age of sixty are alcoholics or have serious drinking problems. Alcoholism affects the alcoholic of being able to perform his or her responsibility such as performing his work at his job or at home and even his or her school studies. An alcoholic can be arrested while driving under the influence of alcohol or being intoxicated in public. medical information

Alcohol misuse is serious and life threatening, and can increase the risk of certain Cancers, such as Cancer of the liver, esophagus, throat and larynx. Alcohol abuse can cause liver cirrhosis and immune system problems. Alcohol abuse can also cause brain...