Alexander Graham Bell.

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Alexander Graham Bell is famous for the invention of the telephone. Without him, modern communications wouldn't exist today. People would still use messengers and this process would be very tedious and time-consuming. Although many people don't recognize him, he deserves a lot of appreciation, probably more than anybody else today.

Alexander Graham Bell studied at the Royal High School of Edinburgh. He graduated at the age of 13, and at the age of 16, he became a pupil-teacher of elocution (voice production, dictation, and pronunciation) and music in Weston House Academy. He also instructed at Somersetshire College in Bath, England.

In 1870, Alexander and his family moved to Canada. This is when he became really interested in telephony. He invented many communication inventions which helped nurses, the deaf and average people all over.

Alexander had some problems getting the telephone copyrighted. Soon enough though, Bell Telephone Company was formed in 1877.

After that, AT&T, Oriental Telephone Company, and others were formed.

Bell also invented the Metal Detector, the Photophone, an Experimental aircraft, and many more. Other inventions were developed from Bell's. Communication companies expanded, and many more big businesses were formed.

In Greek, 'tele' stands for far away, and 'phone' means voice. These days the telephone has gone way further then it used to be. Because of this one invention, many more exist. For example, cell phones, the internet, and others.

Wireless technology all came from the telephone. It began with cordless phones, and ended up with being able to access the internet just about anywhere you want. Wireless technology is improving every day. That's the power of one invention.

In conclusion, I think that the telephone is the most powerful invention today. It is one that will never fade away, but will always gain more and more power.