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Local 52 Deep in the College Saint-Louis there is a room called the "SHALOM". Rumors of weird stuff were passed from students to students. Kids were making beats to each other to see who will not get sick after coming from there. When they came back the all felt sick for a month.

One day a guy named James was "dared" to go down there and see what was going there. He took precautions before he went. A bubbly jacket, skiing glasses and a "Victorinox" pocketknife. He went down the stairs while peoples where cheering for him to find what is down there. The first thing he found his that three syringes comes and attacks you.

Lucky that his bubbly jacket saves him from the needles. Walking in a forward motion he look around to see if there is any traps around. Out of nowhere leaches fall on him and grabs him.

Trying desperately to get out from them, he thinks of using his pocketknife. With slices and dices they let go of him. He sees there is a door called 52 Shalom. He runs right at it. The doors opens and he finds some teachers body hanging on a hook. Oh my god"¦ says James. Aliens are ruling the school! Then a hand touches him. It's Mrs. Matton. James duck's her out and run's out from there. Then he sees teacher running after him. Desperate to save him self and the school he sees a place that says, "Don't touch". Acting courage sly he jumps to the switch and lifts the button"¦ The school has been evacuated and the whole bottom floor was sealed with all the aliens. The school was blown up with C4 bombs).

It was the last we heard of James. After that day the whole world new his story and they declared October 29 James day. It was the first day where the whole world united with each other to save the world against the aliens. From now on the called the deceased: The one who united the world.