All Ye Faithful

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All Ye Faithful

It is easy to criticize the negative aspects of anything-- especially of faith. This is most likely the basis for intolerance among the World's various religions. People are simply unwilling to see the goodness in beliefs different from their own. However, there is a simple secret that I have discovered that solves the problem of conflicting orthodoxy. Each very diverse religion is unified by a common purpose-- and that is one of a search for something beyond the physical world. And each one promises something beyond this existence-- as long as certain rules are adhered to. These rules are not in the traditional sense of the word, but more or less guidelines for which to achieve some sort of final destination or being. The simple fact remains that although orthodoxy is an abstract and debatable concept, orthopraxy is not, and can be observed by man and Spirit alike.

Hinduism is one if the oldest and widespread faiths in the world. It is also one of the most difficult to explain. Hinduism, as are most religions, is not considered to be a religion but a way of life because religion is deeply interwoven into the life of a Hindu. Hinduism has given to the world the concept of karma, according to which all actions produce positive or negative reactions and affect our lives. Actions are the basis of ending samsara. Hinduism offers the best way to live a life devoid of anxieties and worries. It says, "Live your life offering all your actions and possessions mentally to Brahma in the spirit of sacrifice." And in the essence of no unnecessary pressure, Hinduism does not believe in converting people from one religion to another nor does it condemn those of another faith. If an individual desires to change his...