The Alliances Of The Cold War

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War had been going on for a very long time when it came to The Cold War, the postwar to World War II. After World War II, as the Cold War began two major alliances were created. Although, in World War I a systems of alliances did not work, the systems of alliances that formed after World War II were bigger and they weren't buddy-buddy alliances. These two alliances were formed to bring peace throughout the world, to end The Cold War, and to prevent anymore future high scale wars.

Some early ideas that a world wide alliance came from many men, which include Sir Nicholas Henderson and Ernest Bevin, . Sir Nicholas Henderson wrote a book, The Birth of NATO, which gives a view from what he saw was happening. He also was one of the original members of the Working Party, which drafted the North Atlantic Treaty (

Ernest Bevin points out the issue of Western security, and that in order to make this treaty successful, the alliance must include the Americans ( The United States was the most powerful country during this time and these professionals knew that in order to be the more powerful alliance, they needed the Americans on their side. Still, America would not give in to several attempts to get the United States to join, by Canada and European countries. The United States finally agreed to join the alliance, 1949. All seven of the countries had to come together to decide on who would be invited to the writing of the treaty.

The writers of the treaty used specific word usage to write the North Atlantic Treaty, as they attempted to prevent having to deal with questions or problems later on down the road ( The French and British knew who...