Alone At Last!

Essay by snowflakes03Junior High, 8th grade January 2005

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I am an outgoing person by nature but there are times in everyone's life when privacy is of great importance.

One such time is when you have several assignments to submit and so limited time to reach the duedate. The last thing you want is a visit from your very own disgusting cousins.

It was Saturday morning. A soft splatting sound could be heard as the early rain kissed the rooftop. The day well enough until a noisy car pulled up in my driveway. Exiting the car were my most unwelcomed guests --- my cousins. Everything was going good before they turned up. I was beginning to do my best in school, interacting with friends and teachers. Finally I was getting out of my "shell" and exceeding seventy percent. I just could not think nor do things correctly with them arround me. They were playing loud music, singing at the top of their voices, playing games and they were always doing weird things to distract me when i was busy doing something constructive.

During that period I saw my books only in school and my grades plunged from average to bad.

As the days slowly passed by, same things were repeated. I longed for them to go but Marcy, one of my cousins, said "We're staying for atleast two weeks more. Won't that be fun, Mia?" "Yeah, right" I felt like the world was spinning with me. Finally, when the two weeks were up, my mother called my aunt and made the arrangements for my cousin's departure. When I heard about that, I was the happiest person in the house. But I didn't want to show much of that attitude because I didn't want them to feel hurt. The day they left was a jolly day for me because...