Although it is easy to respond positively to the work of another person or group, it is far more worthwhile to give negative feedback.

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In this fast developing world and rapid changing society, the economical and social ties link us together. We work together to finish big projects. Teamwork is very important in modern society. But, what should we do to respond to the work of other people? Should we give positive feedbacks or negative opinions? Will the negative words hurt our colleagues? Many people feel puzzling on these questions. I do believe that both positive and negative feedbacks have their applications and advantages. And the most important thing is to treat our friends sincerely.

Positive feedbacks can make people happy and fulfill their requirement of achievement. It's the nature of human being. The praise will encourage us and make us work harder. In primary schools, the teachers praise the students when they make even minor progresses. The students will be very happy and study harder for the next praise. Furthermore, positive feedbacks make us feel more confident and we will feel more relax.

This is very important in working since a person will make stupid simple errors when working nervously.

But negative feedback also has its advantages. If a person can only accept positive opinions, the horizon of the person will be greatly limited. He will think he has done all correct things and there are no need to adjust. On the country, negative feedback can figure out the weakness of a person or a group, and tell them the direction for improvement. When I studied in my university, my supervisor always told me to learn from the different opinions from my teachers and classmates and I really learned many things from the negative feedbacks. Of course, it's not very comfortable to be criticized by other people. But it's worthy to know your fault through that.

Only the friends who can give...