I am the Cheese-Character Analysis of Adam Farmer

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The Story of Adam Farmer

Adam Farmer is the main character throughout the entire book. In the beginning of the book, the character of Adam is portrayed to be a normal teenager, but later through the book the reader learns that it is quite a different story. Adam turns out to be a troubled young teenager as reader finds out further into the book. The book begins with Adam Farmer on a bike riding trip to Rutterburg, Vermont. He is on the way there to deliver a package to his father. Adam's mental problems become evident throughout his trip to Rutterburg. For example, Adam stops along the way to call his only friend, Amy Hertz. He was calling from a phone booth and was getting nervous that maybe the door would not open: furthermore, many other parts of the text that would suggest this mental problem, "I push open the door of the booth-it sticks for a minute and my heart pounds: Will I be trapped inside?-but it finally opens and I step outside."(42)

Adam also states throughout the story that he wished he had brought his pills.

As the main character, Adam affects the books plot very much. The story starts with Adam on his bike then moves to Adam in a hospital talking with a doctor about his life and all his memories. Then, he has flashbacks about when he was a child and about his girlfriend. At the end of the book the reader realizes that the bike ride did not even happen. Adam's bike ride was just a fantasy. During the entire book, all the characters were made up and were really there with Adam in the institution.

The character Adam manipulates every one in the story because he plays dumb when the doctor tries...