I Am The Cheese (Robert Cormier) Analytical Essay

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What are the elements of the writer’s craft you most admire in Robert Cormier’s I am the Cheese? Explain how Cormier uses a range of techniques to communicate ideas and influence you as a reader.

I am the Cheese, written by Robert Cormier follows the self realisation of the main character, Adam Farmer, and explores his physical and mental journey. Cormier uses a range of admirable techniques to unveil this journey to the reader. In doing so he conveys his ideas and creates a unique relationship between the reader and the characters. The novel is divided into three sections, each is written very differently.

From the very beginning I am the Cheese has two narratives vying for the reader’s attention. There is Adam’s journey as the main narrative drive, pedalling furiously trying to get home, but finding that the world around him has changed into something almost alien.

The second narrative, presented as a series of transcripts from an interrogation, involves an interrogator trying to evoke answers from Adam. During these interrogation scenes the reader is introduced to the third structural aspect of the novel. These are in the form of Adam’s memories; however this is when the author regains control of his novel. The ‘memory’ section of the novel is written from the author’s point of view and in past tense. Despite the complexity of the story, Cormier sustains the suspense in the novel and the alternating chapters of interviews intensifying the intrigue.

This intrigue is established from the onset as the reader does not know why Adam is travelling to Rutterberg or what the novels odd title means. Not only are the first pages mysterious but the whole book is shrouded in ambiguity. The early chapters find the reader asking themself a number of questions...