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Born of determination and will-power, of hard work and the yearn to be good at something , is ambition. All people need it to succeed yet few possess this vital characteristic. Ambition is studying day in and day out to get into the college of your choice. It is taking your boundaries to the limits and working for something you desire. Ambition is your crave to achieve something.

My cousin, Rachelle, has just recently graduated from high school. She is a really good model of ambition because she worked hard to get what she wanted. Rachelle always has made good grades. I always just thought she was smart and it came naturally to her until she came to stay with us one summer. Rachelle was going to summer school to get more credits for classes. She studied all the time. Most of us, when we are bored, watch television or sleep, pretty much anything that's the opposite of production, but Rachelle used all of her free time here to study.

One day, I asked her why she never took her nose out of her books. She told me that she was sure she knew the information but she looked over it because she wanted to achieve her ultimate goal. I didn't realize what that was until we finished talking. Rachelle wanted to get into and attend Duke University. All of her studying paid off. Rachelle is now a sophomore at Duke. She was at the top of her freshmen class, finishing off the year at #2, separating her from #1 by .083 points. She had great ambition and still does. Her goal now is to be valedictorian which I have no doubt in my mind that she won't achieve this.

I think every athletic team at our school is...