America is NOT our best hope for the future. Exploring America's social and political loyalties and current policies.

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Our ideal future is not one that is unstable, mono-cultural and plutocratic in nature.

America is NOT our best hope for the future.

Americas track record- domestically and internationally has been an 'America First' policy. If the wider global community, and that includes Australia, would even think about a policy or adventure that would not be beneficial to America, America will simply ignore it, or, in the extreme, put all its power against it, that includes such disgraceful acts as bribing officials and overriding world treaties and agreements which is obvious in the case of the recent war on Iraq.

America has no-one powerful enough to hold them in check, and is therefore taking over the world. America's domination does not stop at world policies and treaties. America has infiltrated many aspects of the majority of countries in the world. American fashion trends are being worn around the globe, American shows are being broadcast to millions of screens everyday.

This 'Americanisation' is growing at an alarming rate, this does not exclude Australia. On one Australian television channel, on any given day, over 75% of all programs shown are American. These statistics are repeated for numerous countries worldwide. These statistics reinforce the powerful grip that America holds over the world community.

This cannot be positive. Think of all the cultures that are being lost, and all the minds of small children that are being tainted with American ideas and ideals.

America is not our best hope for the future, as each culture must be nurtured to survive, and America does not have the best interests of small countries and cultures at heart, it only thinks about itself, and how its interest can be forced upon the world and accelerated. This fact is unmistakably true and effortlessly summarized by President Bush himself,