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  • Bad

    Short, pointless.
    • 07/10/2004
    • 12:05:47
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  • A hint

    Terrorism is an unjustifiable but natural response to America terrorizing small countries around the world.In 1999 I was in Belgrade, YU, when it was bombed by the US air force (among others), and I can tell you one thing (this IS experience speaking):You DO NOT kill people to help them remove their dictator Presidents (newsflash: they do not want you to that)You DO NOT kill civilians to win the war on terrorism (have a think about how illusive it sounds, declaring war on a noun?!?!)And finally,Who was blamed for the 9/11 attacks?Has he been caught?If you didn t like your president would you like another country s army to come and invade your country under the pretext of fighting a war on a noun thus causing constant peril to your life and the lives of you loved ones? Wouldn t you be angry?
    • 01/10/2004
    • 15:23:38
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  • Yup!

    You've got a point but these are just my study notes,nth special :) nice to see there are people who appreciate Goldsmith
    • 27/09/2004
    • 12:30:06
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  • :)

    I come from an ex communist country, needless to say that I had to learn all about Russian communism. Just wanted to say that I liked the way you presented the facts. Good work!
    • 07/09/2003
    • 03:33:58
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  • Za Filoloski fakultet!

    Jedno od ispitnih pitanja iz Kulturologije, kvalitetno obradjeno.
    • 06/09/2003
    • 11:46:01
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  • ...

    Nicely put although I disagree that a same sex marriage could provide a healthy environment for raising children. Think of the fact that homosexuality is still frowned upon and imagine the kind of general attitude their adoptive children would encounter in school for example.
    • 03/09/2003
    • 05:22:41
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  • Excellent!

    Original, independent thinking. Hope there's more people like you out there!
    • 30/08/2003
    • 04:31:00
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  • !?

    Talking about the facts, you might wanna change "Molosevic" into Milosevic, wrong spelling. And as for the essay itself it's far too biased for me to comment.
    • 29/08/2003
    • 03:46:27
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