Marriage is a fundemental right. An argument for same-sex marriage.

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The controversy over same sex marriages has been highly debated over the last ten years. While arguments against it stem from the concern for the "safe-haven" of the family, the moral implications of homosexuality, and the government's interest in encouraging procreation, there have been steps taken to make these unions legal. The United States is slowly being forced to admit that the restriction on homosexual marriages is a biased and outdated practice.

Among the many arguments against gay marriages is the belief that they somehow adversely affect the sanctity and safe-haven of the family. However, it has been proven many times that gender does not constitute parental ability. Also, considering the fact the homosexuals are allowed to adopt nationwide, this argument is a non-issue. Homosexuals are going to raise children regardless of whether or not the government is willing to recognize them as a family. This means that the sanctity of the family will not be damaged, or even affected, by a decision in favor of same sex marriages.

Also, there have been arguments regarding the states interest in procreation. However, the government seems to forget, in these cases, that couples are not "baby machines" for the state. Were it so, every person who lacked the physical or mental ability to have children would not be allowed to marry. This argument is unfair because it specifically picks on persons unable to bear children because of their choice of partner. It is also very hard to ignore the fact that the government has conveniently "forgotten" that there are many less traditional methods of having children that work quite effectively for homosexual couples.

There are also those who would argue that homosexual behavior is immoral, and therefore, should be illegal. These behaviors are specifically spoken of and prohibited in the holy books...