"America's Education"- Short essay discussing the problem w/ the education system.

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America's education system is not quite, what it has been in the past. Our Society prides itself in the education we provide for the children in this country. Many public schools are celebrated for their quality. The principal is credulous in knowing that he has all the appropriate reading and background and instates this is his teachers. The schools have an impressive curriculum that the teachers must follow. Therefore, these teachers work diligently to cover all necessary topics (Burgess 306). This raises a question of can the teachers cover the material and have the children retain all or most of the information. With our educators pressed to cram information down children's throats the education system is missing some imperative aspects of school. School is supposed to encourage the children to enjoy learning. Children need a pleasant environment to learn. Enjoyable surroundings can ignite a child's mind. When I was younger, my mom taught me basic skills, for instance the alphabet and counting.

She made it fun and challenged me. I have found in today's school it is not like that. Children are being taught what the government requires, " But there seems to be no spark; no daring, no madness, no readiness to engage the individual child's mind {...}"(Burgess 306). If a teacher tries something different and inspiring, she can be frowned upon and even fired (Burgess 306). Is this what our country has come to? We mass-produce children's minds. The schools give our students just enough and use them as statistics while we diminish their want to learn more and be creative.

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