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Its spring and schools are almost dismissed. She sits in front of the television watching as super skinny and tall models go through some grueling tasks to become America’s Next Top Model. Here in metropolitan areas like Houston, you would think that to be noticed you would have to be a perfect measurement 36’, 25’, 34. During the summer when she goes to play with the neighbors children, she wonders if the little piece of fat the she has will show. And as much as her parents think that the strangers on the street would be dangerous, she is really the biggest danger or threat to herself. To correct the ongoing trouble with eating disorders in young women and men across the nation, the media should show more images of everyday women, regardless of size and stop referring to them as big or plus size. There could also be help given by that person’s peers and family.

This could be done by taking the time to let that person know that he or she is beautiful just as they are.

Anorexia and bulimia are two of today’s leading deadly eating disorders in America damaging somewhere around 20 million Americans. I am not blaming this completely on the show, America’s Next Top Model. Who would have guessed that every time she went to her room after breakfast, lunch or dinner, she was putting everything she pushed up in a jar in her room? Who knew that the diet that she was supposedly on only consisted of a few pieces of fruit in the morning, and the rest of the day she ate nothing or maybe even nibbled on her school papers? Girls in the modern society will do whatever it takes to be the size of Tyra Banks and to be...