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Movie of our Generation There have been many movies that would reflect our generation as a whole but I think there is one that surpasses all the others by a long shot, American Pie. This movie shows the personality and mindset of today's teenagers along with the dress and surroundings we have today.

The personality and mindset of today's teenagers I'm sure are similar to those of the earlier ages. The press and media have just been more open and showing of it in today's time. The elders who are writing and directing movies realize that this is how they were while they were younger. The whole scene of having fired up hormones and going to parties where beer and alcohol is present. It is a stage that teenagers go through and there is nothing to stop it or reduce it except for the person their-self. The fact that it is based around the end of their senior year and prom night is the same as today.

Most all schools have a prom toward the end of there school year which is supposed to be for the seniors as a going away type of party and to have fun and reflect back on there years of High school. Many of them this will be there last even together before they all go off to college or a work place.

After their prom they go back to one of their buddies houses where he is throwing a party which, I'm sure most of us did. To say the least I'm sure there was some sort of alcohol there just like they had in the movie. The party I saw in the movie was similar to most of the parties I have been to, people were drinking and having a good time, others were letting their hormones free after a long night, and others just hanging out with friends.

I think this movies shows very well what a young man goes through during his teenage years and especially in High school. It also depicts the type of clothes that us teenagers are wearing today and the way we party today. The homes are similar to the ones we all live in and the landscape is very similar also, so not only is the story line very similar of teenagers today but the scenery is very similar as well. This movie has to be one of the most popular and talked about movies of our generation and very much so reflects our generation.