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Unique about rainforest:

The oldest living ecosystems on earth, are the Rainforests. Although rainforests only cover a very small percentage (6%) of the earth's surface, they have over half of the worlds plants and animal species living there. The reason that nearly 30 million animal and plant species live there, is because of the humid and moist environment. The Rainforest receives about 60 to 160 inches of precipitation throughout the year.

Rainforests are the main source of many products and food that we as humans use on a daily basis in our homes. Such as rubber, wood, chocolate, sugar, pineapples, cinnamon and most importantly medicines.

Help stabalize the world's climate.

maintain the water cycle

protect against flood, drought, and erosion.

support tribal people

Animals that live in the rainforest:

There are four different layers of the rainforest. The first layer is called the Emergent layer. In this layer trees can reach up to 240 feet tall, and their trucks can measure up to 16 feet around (WOW!) Most of these trees are hardwood evergreens.

Animals such as eagles, bats, monkeys, and butterflies are found living in this layer of the rainforest, because this layer has plenty of sunlight. The second layer is the main layer of the forest, called the Canopy Layer. This layer is about 100 feet above the ground, and is mainly made up of leaves and overlapping branches of the rainforest trees. There is so much food in this area, which makes many of the animals that live there almost never go down to the forest floor. Animals that live in the canopy layer of the rainforest include monkeys, sloths, snakes,birdsfrogs, and small cats just to name a few. The third layer, is the Understory Layer. This layer of the rainforest has very little sunshine,