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I. Introduction

The Amgen Lab provided us with a chance to have hands on experience with modern biotechnological practices. In this lab, our underlying goal was to genetically engineer a strain of E. coli bacteria. We built a recombinant DNA plasmid using modern day biotechnological tools used in microbiology laboratories across the world. This recombinant DNA plasmid was then inserted into E. coli bacteria, using techniques developed by professional microbiologists. Having hands-on experience with these techniques is something that very few high school students ever get an opportunity to do. Throughout this lab, we were able to analyze, in great detail, the process of genetic engineering. We investigated major Biotechnological concepts, such as the ability of enzymes like HindIII to cut plasmids in certain places. Not only did we learn about that, we also investigated related concepts, such as the functions of sticky ends. Throughout the lab, we explored and investigated new areas of biology and learned about various concepts that made the transportation of the GFP gene into the E.

coli strain possible. In the real-world, the biotechnology company Amgen is a leading human therapeutics company in the biotechnology industry. Amgen has produced many products based on advancement in recombinant DNA and molecular biology. They launched some of the largest of the biotechnology industry's medicines and today they continue to serve millions of patients. The lab that we did, created by Amgen, provides us with a hand-on experience with the latest technology in the biotechnology industry.

II. Purpose / Hypothesis

The purpose of the Amgen lab was not only to learn about how genetic engineering works, it was also about having a hands-on experience with the materials, tools, and techniques of microbiology. This lab provided our class with a learning experience and gave us the chance to practice using...