Analasys chapter 1 "catcher in the rye"

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A- It says on page 1 " He's in Hollywood. That isn't too far from this crummy place...". There is a shift from Holden's life to his brother D.B.'s life. We can learn from this shift of topic that Holden loves to go off on tangents. I think that the author does this to teach us something about Holden's personality. I think that the author is trying to create a feeling of scatteredness in Holden's thoughts to show that he is all over the place in his thoughts and in a strange way he enjoys this lack of something concrete I his thoughts. He doesn't try to get somewhere when he speaks. Rather it's the new topic in every sentence and scatteredness that excites him.

On page 4 it says" I forgot to tell you about that..." Holden goes from talking about his school's football game to mentioning that he was kicked out.

The author does this by having Holden talk about one topic and then, all of a sudden, in a very nonchalant way Holden mentions that he was kicked out, as if it is no big deal. This paragraph shift shows an example of Holden's apathy and lack of care towards his expulsion from school. It almost seems like Holden is comparing his football game and his expulsion and putting them together in level of seriousness. Either, he really doesn't care, even though most people would go crazy if they were kicked out of school, or he is trying to cover up the fact that he might have messed up.

B- on page 1 it says" It cost him damn near...". In this paragraph Holden criticizes his brother for going into Hollywood. We see here for the first time in...