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Nokia - Cellular industry Nokia is in the cellular category in which it provides the consumers with reliable and fashionable cellular phones. The cellular phone industry right now is facing fierce competition, both nationally and internationally. Newly designed cellular phones with new features and technology are being offered almost monthly. Companies competing in this category find it necessary to introduce innovative ways to compete day to day in order to remain in business, in respect of both the product itself and the service that it provides. The competition from Japanese cellular phone companies are especially challenging, as they have innovative technology, good management and marketing skills. If one of the cellular phones producing companies is able to introduce a successful cellular phone, it can easily become the market leader as many people will be willing to switch to a better phone. Therefore, building brand loyalty is crucial for this industry.

It will be important for companies in this industry to be innovative and understand what customers need clearly in order to remain competitive, or else it will be out of the market in a short period of time.

Nokia Corporation is a mobile communications company primarily offering voice-centric mobile telephones, enhanced communicators, entertainment and gaming devices and media and imaging telephones. Effective January 1, 2004, the Company reorganized its structure and now includes four business groups: Mobile Phones, Multimedia, Networks and Enterprise Solutions. Mobile Phones develop mobile telephones for all major standards and customer segments in over 130 countries. Multimedia focuses on bringing mobile multimedia to consumers in the form of advanced mobile devices. Networks is a provider of network infrastructure, service delivery platforms and related services to mobile operators and service providers. Enterprise Solutions offers businesses a range of devices and mobile connectivity solutions based on end-to-end mobility...