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To: From: Date: January 30, 2002 Subject: Analysis of Crown Royal advertisement.

The memo in which I have included is an analysis of an advertisement for the alcoholic beverage Crown Royal, which was found in the issue of Maxim magazine dated December 2001.

PURPOSE The purpose of this advertisement for Crown Royal is to persuade males of the average drinking age that drinking its product will make one feel better as far as mood and you should spread the mood by giving.

DESCRIPTION In this advertisement the upper half is a dark blue sky, as to represent the coldness and mood of a cold winter day during the holiday season. The mid to lower half of the page has the image of two snowmen. They are white, made of snow, with no scarves or hats or objects of that nature. Both have two black eyes, a carrot nose, and a smile made of coals.

One of the snowmen, the one on the right, is holding a glass filled with Crown Royal and strangely enough, a chunk of the others head ,which is also in the glass. Right under the glass by about an inch there is a phrase, "Tis the season for giving."� The background of this advertisement is made up of trees and snow. To the bottom of the page there are warnings, a web address, and a picture of a Crown Royal bottle.

TARGET AUDIENCE Although the advertisement does not say there is a gender line, I would have to say that this particular ad seems to be targeting the men. Race in this instance does not seem to be a factor. The reason behind this is because first, they used the average snowman. . So this and the message of "Tis the season for giving,"� can...