Analysis of Hamlet's Second Soliloquy and its Comparison with the Final Soliloquy

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Widely recognized and highly appreciated as a playwright, poet and actor, Shakespeare wrote a number of never-ending masterpieces, which "raised" affection, passion and controversy among the readers and audiences. He was born in the family of the well-known alderman John Shakespeare and Mary Arden, on 23rd of April 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, and died on his 52 birthday in 1616 in his residency in Stratford (Key, 1992).

Shakespeare is considered to be the founder of modern English literature by being one of the first who incorporated modern prose into this writings (Mabillard, 2000). By simply putting together endless and perfect word and image combinations, he was able to "give life" to many deathless - passionate, comedic, distressing and romantic - plays. As many admirers say, Shakespeare is one amongst a few who is capable of transforming the absolute truth of life and love into words. Probably, the talent to perfectly visualize and define the human consciousness and nature through words made him the artist of all times.

Further, many of his artworks, which are still adored and performed four centuries later, have influenced modern society's developments - the transformation of modern drama and theater.

Hamlet- Price of Denmark is perhaps the finest of Shakespeare's tragedy. It involves murder, revenge, insanity and its thesis clearly reveals human nature and the cruel reality that everybody has to face in their lives. It has a typical plot of revenge drama: most of the events happen as a consequence of the central character's (in)actions who can not appeal to higher authorities, since the crime is committed by the most powerful individual (the king). All of the events tend to create a path (the destiny) for the central character to deliver justice. Furthermore, there is no reinforcement in the flow of the story; every event happens...