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Many people think vengence is a bad thing;not the characters in Hamlet. They each have their own way of avenging. In "The Tragedy of Hamlet", by William Shakespeare, there is alot of drama. Threoughout the play, Hamlet is constantly trying to find a way to avenge his father, who was killed by Claudius, his uncle. Laertes, Hamlet, and Fortinbras have all lost their fathers due to corruption and deceit.Hamlet and Leartes are terrible avengers but Fortinbras, does it honorably.

Hamlet is terrible avenger because he analyses every detail. He knows very well who has killed his father and still he waits. He worries alot if killing Claudius will send him to hell. Thinking about what slows him down alot. A quote that shoiws this is "To kill him while he prays would be a service to him to send him to the heavens".(3.3.68-71) Laertes is bad because he acts on Cluadius word alone.

Laertes does not have proof that Hamlet killed his father and yet he is ready to kill him. The quote to prove this is "To cut his throat i" the church".(4.5.79) This proves that he will kill Hamlet even at church. He will stop at nothing.

Fortinbras is a good avenger because he has the truth as to what happened to his father. He gathers his army and bravely leads them into battle to defeat his enemy and avenge his father. This quote by Hamlet "His men will follow him into the depths of hell and I cannot gain courage to avenge my father"(5.4,72) states that he makes sure he can avenge his father correctly.

The avengers Hamlet and Laertes are very bad avengers, but Fortinbras is a honorable man who will avenge his father right. The story of Hamlet is timeless because even...