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The Cask of Amontillado In the short story "The Cask of Antillado" by Edgar Allen Poe, there is a dark story of deceit and revenge. The story begins with Montresor, the main character seeking revenge on another man by the name of Fortunato. I understand the feeling or wanting of revenge on another human, but he goes to great links to carry out this act. Montresor finds Fortunato at a festival, highly I intoxicated. He lures Fortunato into a crypt by leading him to believe that there is a cask of a fine Spanish sherry. He attacks the pride and arrogance of Fortunato by mentioning another man named Luchresi. Luchresi is another man known to have an acquired taste in fine wines. Even at the sound of Luchresi name Fortunato becomes defensive and starts to boast about himself. This leads me to believe that pride plays a big part in the revenge set in the story.

I think that Montresor is jealous of Fortunato and that makes him seek revenge even more. He is also angry because Fortunato insulted him. He leads Fortunato into the crypt and takes advantage of his drunkenness. After luring him into the crypt and taking him very far into the catacombs, he chains him to the wall and proceeds to enclose the opening, leaving Fortunato to die. I believe that even at this time in his revengeful task, as he hears Fortunato scream he begins to feel some remorse. Throughout this story there is evidence of jealously, pride, and hate. Based on the what ultimately happens to Fortunato I see that hate for a person is one of our strongest emotions. Even through it seems hard for him to "bury" Fortunato; revenge seems too sweet for him to stop.

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