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In the play "Hmalet" Shakespeare uses the revenge to be the main point in the play. Obviusly Hamlet is the one needs to revenge for Old Hmalet. There also Laertes and Fortainbras' revenge for their father, but all of them have different response or action for the revenge. there are three types of individual facing challenge: passive, enthusiasm and no self-opinion.

Revenge for one's father is son's responsibity. Hamlet sees the revenge as an important thing to do. Full of intelligence to find out the truth and plan for the revenge. the mousetrap is a good example of his intelligence. His action has prove that he is a filial son, makes up his decision for revenge and plans it right away. His attitude is enghusiastic which would facing the challenge but not to evad. Hamlet's intelligence had help him a lot for the revenge and facing the challenge but his thoughts have destory his way to success.

Hamlet concerns too much and would not accept Horatio's opinion fully exxpresse his wilfully action. Facing challenge and overcome it is a good thing to do. if a person would not listen to accept others advice, eventhough a person is a smart enough would also lead himself to downfull.

The second kind of person is the one that does not have self-confidence and opinion who always leads by someone's order. Laertes is a good example of the second person. He wants to have revenge for his father but all he does was listening or taking orders from the King Claudius. He never has his way or thoughts for the revenge, therefor, he becomes Claudius' dog. A hand to get rid of Hamlet. A person who does not have opinion may becomes other person's pieces in a board game. If the person is...