Hamlet, Prince of Denmark & Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe

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Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, by William Shakespeare was a successful play in elaboration of the moral theme of attempted murder whereas Dr.Faustas by Christopher Malowe was a successful play in elaboration of a social theme of a doctor and his responsibility to the society.

Introduction of the moral theme Hamlet, Prince of DenmarkMurder is a moral theme that strongly prevails in the society according to the play ‘Hamlet, Prince of Denmark’ by Shakespeare. However it is usually aroused by different reasons. Some individuals resort to murder just because of the sadist nature that lies within their personalities. Others resort to murder as a way of revenging back to the people they believe have wronged them. In the wake of all these reasons, individuals plotting to commit murder often hesitate before doing this immoral act because of some guilty reactions that they might be having within.

Others hesitate when they think of the consequences that will arise as a result of committing murder. This may lead to them postponing these evil thoughts that may be rushing through their brains.

Over the years, Shakespeare has been able to reflect various themes in his plays. Murder is one of them and it is best illustrated by the character Hamlet in his play ‘Hamlet, Prince of Denmark’. Shakespeare portrays how Hamlet is pressured by the thought of committing murder. As the scenes roll by, Shakespeare displays how Hamlet keeps on procrastinating murder. He thinks of several things that may happen if he commits murder and even tries to coin reasons that will make him restrain from committing this act. (Shakespeare, 1602).

Hamlet thinks "O all you host of heaven! O earth! What else? And shall I couple hell?" Shakespeare, act 1. This reflects how he is not...